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Исполнитель: ● Kid Cudi Feat. Mary J. Blige
Песня: Don't Play This Song
Добавил: Гость

● Kid Cudi Feat. Mary J. Blige – Don't Play This Song 0

Wanna know what this sound like when I'm not on drugs?
please please don't play this song
r-r-r-r-right r-right r-right right right
trynna get my mind m-mind m-mind right right
people think they're really being helpful
by telling me please be careful
Yeah right r-r-r-r-right r-right r-right right right please dont play this song
[Verse 1] pain, hurt, sadness and lonliness bought all that right up
tossed away to the bottomless pit
Part of my mind that slips the part of my mind so sick
I don't even like to take that trip unless I'm sloppy drunk
I pray for my mom, how teach her the son that never gave a fuck about a scantron
all I wanted was to be a human being
and show the world some new colors and scene
imagine all types of beautiful scenery
I remember when I first had tree smoked Black and Mild, so dumb of me now,
I'm grape cigarello man any young black kid a garaunteed fan
on a downhill grind and I'm humble and I treat normal girls like models reckless and young, am I my mom's calling,
thanks god she hit decline I'm numb faced while I'm thinking about suicide
[Verse 2]
hey, black robbin hood ridin high, just like we should
you know the saying, ain't no delaying
gotta gets the gettin while the gettin's good
yeah dimented, my brain was forced to transform
wise up, I'm checkin the gate on humble tales and minimum wage the ? tell it, Cudi's lame wearing a kilt, he must be gay
let's keep it chill, fuckin being discrete
but some girls tweet how they miss my meat
ya, Cudders, HBO, that Vitamin Water
that's money to blow cause your money for blow
don't take no shit you can blame my Ma
I'm in the maze, I'm in a daze, I'm losing it I'm locking in my rocketship
I be a blip in your radar bitch
It feels like things can be covered
Until the day I'm above myself hover

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