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Requiem For A Dream - Requiem For A Dream
Metallica - Unforgiven
Secret Garden - Song From A Secret Garden
Mortal Kombat - Mortal Kombat (Rock Version)
Scorpions - Wind Of Change (2)
Сплин - Романс 2
Сектор газа - Лирика (solo)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication at VMA 2000
Sting - Shape of my heart
Beatles (The) - Yesterday (11)


(Reprise) Sanblasted Skin
10's (2)
10 's
5 Minutes Alone
A New Level
By Demons Be Driven
Cemetary Gates
Cemetery Gates
Clash With Reality
Cowboys From Hell (2)
Cowboys From Hell (3)
Cowboys From Hell (4)
Cowboys From Hell (5)
Cowboys From Hell (6)
Cowboys From Hell (version live)
Cowboys from Hell
Dallas Stars Fight Song
Death Rattle
Dom-hollow (official Live 101 Proof)
Drag The Waters
Five Minutes Alone (2)
Fucking Hostile
Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills
Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks
I Can't Hide (2)
I Can 't Hide
I'm Broken
I 'll Cast a Shadow
I 'm Broken (2)
I 'm Broken (3)
Medicine Man
Message In Blood
Mouth For War
Mouth Of War
No Good (Attack The Radical)
P.s.t. 88
Planet Caravan (2)
Power Metal
Primal Concrete Sledge
Pshyco Holiday
Psycho Holiday
Regular People
Rock The World
Shedding Skin
Steps To Nowhere
Strengh Beyond Strengh
Strenght Beyond Strenght
Suicide Note Part 1
Suicide Note Part 2
The Art Of Shredding
The Badge
The Great Southern Trendkill
The Sleep (2)
The Sleep (3)
The Underground In America
Thirteen Steps To Nowhere
Throes Of Rejection
Throes of Rejection
Use My Third Arm
War Nerve
Yesterday Dont Mean Shit
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