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Requiem For A Dream - Requiem For A Dream
Metallica - Unforgiven
Secret Garden - Song From A Secret Garden
Mortal Kombat - Mortal Kombat (Rock Version)
Scorpions - Wind Of Change (2)
Сплин - Романс 2
Сектор газа - Лирика (solo)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication at VMA 2000
Sting - Shape of my heart
Beatles (The) - Yesterday (11)

Heavy Competition 6

A Tale Of Sadness, The Story Of Ann Marie
Bloodred Hatred
By One
Dark Moor
Eagle 's Eye
Eternal Grief
Falling From Infinity
Hot Mamma
Red Eagle
Riders of the Storm
Still Falls The Rain
Take It Out On Me
The Fellowship Of The Ring
The Forest Slayer
The Forgotten Warrior
The Morning Serenade
The Spaceman Went On Traveling
The Spirit Inside
White March
Your No Better
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