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Requiem For A Dream - Requiem For A Dream
Metallica - Unforgiven
Secret Garden - Song From A Secret Garden
Mortal Kombat - Mortal Kombat (Rock Version)
Scorpions - Wind Of Change (2)
Сплин - Романс 2
Сектор газа - Лирика (solo)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication at VMA 2000
Sting - Shape of my heart
Beatles (The) - Yesterday (11)

Dirty Looks

3 X 2
30 Seconds To Blow
An Idiot Punk Make A Song
Christmas Night
Demon's Whisper
Fresh Holiday
Im Not Dead Yet
Its All Yours
Kids, I Say No
Letters From A Suicidal
Metal Symphony
Mi Primera Cita-parte 2
Next Home
No Comply
Not Another Punk Song
Old Memories
Reaper 88
Songs Of Eternity
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