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Requiem For A Dream - Requiem For A Dream
Metallica - Unforgiven
Secret Garden - Song From A Secret Garden
Mortal Kombat - Mortal Kombat (Rock Version)
Scorpions - Wind Of Change (2)
Сплин - Романс 2
Сектор газа - Лирика (solo)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication at VMA 2000
Sting - Shape of my heart
Beatles (The) - Yesterday (11)

Bad Religion

1000 More Fools
21st Century Digital Boy
A Walk
All There Is
Along The Way
American Jesus
Atheist Peace
Automatic Man
Big Bang
Can't Stop It
Change Of Ideas
Do What You Want
Drunk Sincerity
Fertile Crescent
Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell
God's Love
I Want To Conquer The World
It Must Look Pretty Appealing
L.A Is Burning
Land Of Competition
Latch Key Kids
Leave Mine To Me
Los Angeles Is Burning
Modern Man
New America
No Control
No Direction
No Substance
Operation Rescue
Out Of Hands
Pessimistic Lines
Prove It
Punk Rock Song
Shades Of Truth
Shattered Faith
Sinister Rouge
The Dodo (Solo)
The Handshake
The Positive Aspect Of Negative Thinking
Them And Us
To Another Abyss
Walk Away
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